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Join our family

Everyone is invited to participate in any of our non-remuneration positions at one of the oldest volunteer organisations in Cape Town.

Would you like to be a volunteer?

It may be easy to sign up for service, but adjusting to a culture and work outside of your comfort zone may prove to be more difficult than you imagined.
However, hundreds of people overcome these challenges by keeping the following points in mind:

Have a positive attitude

We encourage our volunteers to be enthusiastic about whatever work needs to be done, at any time.
Never allow money to be your motivation when serving others.

Be flexible

Be prepared to adjust as needed, including in the areas of working, living, traveling, dietary issues, and interacting with the host organization.
The networking that you will experience with other Volunteers will prove to be a rewarding factor.

Have the necessary physical capabilities

No matter how great your intentions, your body may not be willing to accommodate the task at hand.
Be sure you are able to perform duties that compliment a given project’s objectives and that you DO NOT overexert yourself by working very long hours.
A few hours of your valued expertise each day is all we ask.

Research Diligently

Always ‘apply your mind’ to the task at hand and manage your Portfolio to the best of your ability.
When ‘in doubt’, have someone check your findings to make doubly sure that the researched information you are giving is correct.

Expedition Newsletter

You are welcome to subscribe to our Newsletter.
This may include the writing of short stories, Clean Comedy, Suggestions on ‘How to ensure the success of our Expedition’ and Details of Organisations that wish to become Stakeholders in our Expedition or Governments/Stakeholders who wish to benefit from this Unique Expedition eg. The Transfer of Much-Needed Building Related Skills.

 Volunteers Needed For:

  • Administrative duties
  • Mechanic (in Cape Town, South Africa)

Special Thanks to Our Current Volunteers:

Zaid Mackay from Align Designs
Rudy Combrinck
Vanessa Goliath
Ricky Horne
Mario Sassman
Winifred Le Roux
Briget Van Stavel

For our Volunteer Agreement and code of conduct please download this PDF Document…

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