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Why a Humanitarian Expedition?

There are 3 reasons for doing Humanitarian Trip.:

  1. To build an Economic Bridge between the City of Cape Town and the City of Portland, Oregon. USA.
    (Negotiations with former US Senators are well underway).
  2. To Transfer much needed building-related skills to poor, unskilled communities throughout this incredible journey, and
  3. To raise funds for numerous Charitable Organizations worldwide.

The Date of Departure has been scheduled for 2021 and the Media will be invited to a Press Conference where the Expedition Leader, Dave Sassman, would outline the entire scope of the Expedition Route as well as the Sponsors who will make the expedition possible.

How you can help?

Your much-needed involvement would enable us to make our Sponsors’ products ‘rise to heights they never hoped to attain’ and your support will be well rewarded with immeasurable Local and International exposure.

Aside from prime-media visibility, we offer Product and Service promotion in a variety of ways within the expedition, as well as a multitude of branding opportunities.


Suggested Route No.1:

Cape Town to Cape Agulhas and back to Cape TownCape Town to Springbok – Keetmanshoop, Namibia – Windhoek – Oshikati – Xangongo, Angola – Lubangu – Caluquembe – Caconda – Caala – Huambu – Alto Hama – Waku Kungu – Ebo – Dondo – Maria Teresa – Catete – Luanda – Caxito, Noqui – Matadi – Kinshaha, DRC Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria/Niger, Algeria, Tangier, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, London – New York – North Carolina – Virginia – California – Mexico – Coos Bay – Portland, Oregon, USA

(Details of other cities/towns will be confirmed once the Route Plan has been completed)

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