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The core of our operation

Our Unique Brick Manufacturing & Building System

Our Building System

Be a part of one the most innovative ways to make a sustainable & meaningful difference to individuals and communities who need it most.

Building houses for the poor and previously disadvantaged people!

The value we add and the services we provide is primarily due to our innovative Brick Manufacturing & Building System.

Go through the information on this page to better understand how, what and why this works the way it does.



Our brick manufacturing & building System/product has been successfully:

  • Tested by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) for water penetration and strength
  • Certified by Agrement South Africa
  • Approved by The South Peninsula Municipality (a South African Government) for general use in all types of Top Structures (single skin)
  • For the use in Fire Walls (single skin)
  • It comes Highly Commended by the US International Association of Housing Science.

Why We Created This Building System

In 1997 we created this unique Building System to allow us to provide the
following 2 structures in the most efficient way possible, in the communities that need it most.


One Day House

A versatile open-plan structure consisting of Lounge/Dining Room/Kitchen, Bathroom and 1 or 2 x Bedrooms.

Constructed with our Africon Concrete Bricks, manufactured on-site by the local community.

Comes complete with electricity/solar-powered energy and equipped for a water-borne sewer system.

Starting with a completed concrete slab, workers can build the house in 1 day.


Underground Shelter

Our underground shelters are uniquely designed for the family who needs isolation from, for example, COVID-19 pandemic, but cannot afford to purchase an extravagant shelter.

You and your family are guaranteed safety when self-isolated underground – encased in a Solid Concrete Structure.
Our 10’ x 20’ Underground Shelter include:

LIVING ROOM – Full sized living room with enough space for a couch, television, table for meals, and also kitchen appliances. This room can also function as a sleeping area.

A fully functioning bathroom is a necessity due to the uncertainty of the duration of your underground stay. It includes a toilet, sink, counter, and ample storage for your belongings.

This shelter is the perfect solution for couples or small families. When purchasing this size shelter remember that you will be in close quarters with whoever is inside, so you may not want to cram more than 3-4 people inside at one time.

Our shelters are all customizable, and you can choose to purchase the shell only and furnish the interior yourself later on – as and when funds become available to you.

An Underground Shelter is an investment that could save your family’s lives.

We pride ourselves on providing the best products and customer services in the industry. An underground shelter by ‘SSS’ offers you a place to go for comfortable survival.

Our incredible team will make the process easy and streamlined for your convenience. Contact Us for a quote and remember that Terms & Conditions Apply!

Commendation from the US International Association of Housing Science

In December 2014 we attended the 40th World Housing Congress in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. We presented our Unique Brick Manufacturing & Building System with resounding success.

We received a unique Letter of Commendation from the US International Association of Housing Science attached for your kind consideration…download PDF below.

As well as our final paper/presentation below.

We now have invitations from no fewer than 17 countries such as Nigeria, Angola and DRC, as well as:

  • Ethiopia – To build a Seventh-Day Adventist Church,
  • Philippines – To build a Holiday House for a Millionaire’s Wife,
  • India – To build a School,
  • Zimbabwe – To set up a Brick Manufacturing Plant,
  • Malawi – Several Housing/School Projects,
  • Mozambique – New Contract to build Up-Market Holiday Houses,
  • Magaliesberg, Gauteng – A Housing Development Project on a farm and
  • Mexico (2 x Invitations to Train Women Entrepreneurs).

Your donation can go a long way in providing these people with what they need.

Our Brick Manufacturing & Building System lends itself to unlimited Job Opportunities, the Transfer of Much-Needed Building Related Skills and Entrepreneurial Opportunities for your Women, Men and Youth across the globe..

No one has ever become poor by giving.”

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Benefits of Our Unique Building System



Compaction of layers creates a highly secure structure.

It’s a government approved masonry product and SABS Tested.

Manufactured on almost any terrain, an entire Manufacturing Plant can be moved within a few hours.


Cost Effective

No electricity needed in neither the building nor the construction process.

The concept comprises only two types of brick (Line and Corner).

The construction Process is not hindered by Inclement weather.


Job Creation

Jobs are Created at point-of-manufacture (on-site). Each Manufacturing Plant creates 16 sustainable jobs. 5-10 sustainable jobs are created in the construction of the top structure.

Process is almost 100% labor intensive. Workers are paid for daily production. This empowers and enriches communities.


Economic Development

Our product promotes the transfer of skills, economic growth, job creation, reduces poverty and leads the way to housing the nation.

It also creates entrepreneurial business opportunities.


Fire Wall

Our Building System, with its Government Approved Fire Wall Standard.

It plays an undisputed and positive role in Fire Wall Construction between cluster houses in Informal settlements.



100% free of CO2 emissions. Waste is drastically reduced at source. In general our system REDUCES, REUSES and RECYCLES construction waste.

Our Waste (and yours) could be easily ground and re-used in the manufacture of our product.

How we build the structures using our system

A construction team (5 unskilled workers) can lay more than 45 M2 of brickwork in an 8-hour shift!

  • The first course of brickwork is laid on a class II mortar-bed on a conventional strip or raft foundation.
  • Subsequent courses are ‘dry-stacked’. A cement/lime/sand slurry is poured into the vertical channel between the bricks.
  • Doors, Windows and Roof Trusses are conventionally built-in.
  • A three-course roof tie-down is recommended.

​Impressive Benefits…

  1. Beneficiaries can take occupation within a few days.
  2. Building a top-quality house for a beneficiary of the Government Subsidy is now completely possible.

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