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About Us

Dave Sassman

Dave Sassman is the founder and president of the Dave Sassman Foundation NPC.

He was born in South Africa and began this type of work at a very early age.

Since 1968, Dave and his family founded their Welfare Organization and have received more than 14 invitations to establish their Foundation in no fewer than 11 countries.

As a Member of the Independent Order of True Templars he was exposed to the needs of those less-fortunate than he was. 

His ‘new vision’ saw him emerging as a:

  • Member of the Regional Housing Board (Cape of Good Hope Region),
  • The Cape Town Chamber of Commerce,
  • Executive City Councillor and
  • A host of other key positions in ‘outreach programmes’ around the world.
  • Fully Trained Evangelist – in all aspects of Evangelism.


Dave has travelled, independently to…

  • Ciskei, Transkei, Zimbabwe,
  • Zambia, Botswana, Malawi,
  • Mozambique, Namibia,
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea,
  • France, Portugal, United Emirates,
  • Netherlands, United Kingdom,
  • Mexico and 35 US States.
  • In 2006 he traveled more than 23,500 miles by road across the USA.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

What makes us unique?

Our Timeline


1968: Founded

Dave Sassman was a Trained Paralegal/Registered Prison Parole Officer/Former Librarian.

His wife, Connie was a Registered Welfare Officer. 

They established a Welfare Office in their humble home – 1, Edgemere Road, Heathfield, Cape Town. South Africa, and T/A Sassman, Sassman and Sassman


1970 – 1980: Growth

We grew as more volunteers got involved.

Each year, several large projects were scheduled.

Donations came from Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Checkers, Martie’s Bakery and Shoprite.

We had Volunteers from all walks of life.


1983: Speaker

Dave was introduced as a Top-Class Motivational Speaker.

Several leading South African companies and more than 120 schools across the country benefited from his Motivational Presentations.


1983: Raised Funds

Two Export & Import companies, Atlantic Enterprises and Anjo Distributors, were established.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of Rand were raised by us towards School Funds for Coloured and Black Schools all over the country.


1997: Peking Brickworks 

Messrs Peking (RSA) Brickworks CC (CK 97/02283/23) was established.

Providing funding for free Legal Advice, Prison Parole Applications and Consultations relating to Building Contracts, Export & Import, Immigration Matters and Business Start-Ups.


1997: The Foundation

Peking (RSA) Brickworks CC introduced the Unique Brick Manufacturing & Building System we use to this day. A volunteer construction team made-up of 5 unskilled workers converged on Philippi to construct a 29,9 M2 house in 1 Day.

The Dave Sassman Foundation NPC was born.

Where we now?

Today, we are focused on the Transferring of much-needed building related Skills, Job Creation and Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Women, Men and Youth – particularly across the African Continent.

We have successfully transferred to hundreds of Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI’s) the skills of making top quality concrete bricks ‘by hand’ and the building of and/or the extension of their own government/RDP houses.

Emergency Housing Units (whenever the need arises and when funds become available) are given serious consideration because we have the expertise to assist in the complete construction of housing units.

Numerous volunteers participate, some donating funds, assisting with preparations at home, while others pray for the success of our projects.

We receive requests for assistance from all over the world (at least 14 countries to date) to:

  1. Transfer these skills to unskilled workers and
  2. Assist with addressing the Housing Backlogs in developing countries. 

Once we receive such a request, we embark on an extensive plan to coordinate funding and recruit volunteers for each of the projects.

A board of directors governs our organization with headquarters in Cape Town, Western Cape Province of South Africa. We are staffed by less than one-dozen unpaid personnel with support staff in the United States of America and some African countries.

Learn more about our Brick Manufacturing & Building System

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